Tansads Albums
  • Shandyland
  • Up The Shirkers
  • Flock
  • Drag Down The Moon
  • Reason To Be
  • Rough and Ready


Cobbly Back Yard Lyrics
Wood In Th' Hole
Right On
Big Wednesday
Feed me
No More
London's Burning
Spirit Move
Big Bad Devil

NOTES: (Probe Plus) Probeway 31CD
Reissue (1995) (Castle Communications/Essential Records)
ESM CD 351
Shandyland appeared in the NME indie charts by accident - at number 6 if I remember correctly - it should have been UP THE SHIRKERS - it was corrected the following week by which time the album had dropped to around number 13.


Eye of the Average
Brian Kant
Zig Zig
Music Down
Waste of Space
Chip Pan Ocean
English Rover
John John
Reason To Be
Tune On, Tune up, Drop Out, Be Late
Up The Revolution

NOTES: (Musidisc) 109852 MU 760
Reissue (1995) (Castle Communications/Essential Records) ESM CD 352
Appeared in both the indie and Folk -Roots charts (though see above).

FLOCK: 1994

A Band on the Rainbow
Fear of Falling
She's Not Gone
God On A String
Iron Man
Waiting For The Big One
Sunlight in The Morning
G Man
Ship of Fools
I Know I Can (But I Won't)
Heading For the Heart
Separate Souls

NOTES: (Castle Communications/Transatlantic) TRA CD 101.
Not eligible for the indie charts.



Iron Man
Where Have All the Flowers Gone
Up the Revolution
She's Not Gone
A Band On the Rainbow
John John
Turn On, Tune Up, Drop Out, Be Late
Spirit Move
Sunlight In the Morning
Reasons to Be
The English Rover
Waiting for the Big One
G Man
Fear of Falling
Eye of the Average
I Know I Can (But I Won't)
Drag Down the Moon

NOTES: (Castle Communications/Transatlantic) TRA CD 118
Recorded live at the Citadel, St Helens


Roll Away Your Stone
Higher Ground
All the Mad Men
Reason to Be
Sad Song
Middle of the Night
Miss the Bus
Burning Bridge
Drunken Serenade

NOTES: (Wayward Records)
Recorded and released independently by the band

Rough and Ready


Fear Of Falling
Father's Day
Say It With Flowers
Big Wednesday
25 Years
Sun Golden Sun
Fit to Drop
I Close My Eyes
Pendle Hill
Parachute Song
Nursery Rhyme For '89
Set You Free
Too Many Spots
I Can See You All
Diamonds In The Rain
Big Sunrise
I Know I Can
Ocean Heart

NOTES: (Voice of Reason, VOR001)
compilation based on unreleased tracks and tracks released on pre-album cassettes sold at gigs

Tansads Singles - CD Versions

Brian Kant (Yeah-Yeah-Yooh): 1992

Brian Kant (Yeah-Yeah-Yooh)
Zig Zag
Fear Of Falling
Set You Free

According to Tansads legend, then Radio 1 DJ Nicholarse Campbell started playing the track on his show then took it off half way through - any verification gratefully received.

Up the Revolution: 1993

Up the Revolution (radio edit)
Up the Revolution (album version)
John John
Sun Golden Sun

Liked by Radio 1 DJ Johnnie Walker so much that he played it twice on the same show. The Tansads also recorded a live session for him. When booked for another session the band didn't make it as the van broke down on the way!

The English Rover: 1993

The English Rover
Feed Me (skiffle version)
Four Leaf Clover
Girlfriend of the Free (early demo)

NOTE: Some copies were pressed without the title track on it!

Camelot: 1993


Iron Man/A Band on the Rainbow: 1994

Iron Man
A Band on the Rainbow
I Don't Know

Double A side single that achieved the highest mainstream chart position of any Tansads single - stalling just outside the top 100

A Band on the Rainbow: 1994

A Band on the Rainbow
The English Rover (live - Mill At The Pier, Wigan)
Cobbly Back Yard (live - Mill At The Pier, Wigan)
Thursday's Child

Perhaps not the best commercial move to follow up a single that didn't quite make it - with the same single! Record companies????

I Know I Can (But I Won't): 1995

I Know I Can (But I Won't)
Drag Down the Moon (Studio Version)
And Oh...

G-Man: 1995

I Know I Can
A Band on the Rainbow

Single only released in France and there are differing reports as to how well it sold. The video shot to acompany the release.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone: 1995

Where Have All the Flowers Gone (Studio Version)

A single track promo cd of a studio recording of the Pete Seeger anti-war protest song that was often included in the live set.

Issued without a cover.

Tansads on Compilations

WHAT'S THE I*D*E*A: 1990

Right Off  -Those Naughty Corinthians
Family Sinners - The Nice Party
The Clever Ones - More Perfect Watchers
Right On - The Tansads
My Kingdom - Sky Blue Life
Christopher - Touch

Tin of Beans - Volunteers
Sensation Machine - Gnarl
Micronaught - Strawberry Girl
She Burns Alone - Limebirds
Near - Jennifer Fever
The Thought You Thought You Was - Poisoned Electric Head

Vinyl LP release featuring North West bands. Rumoured to have won a priize for a youth project. Fabulous sleeve notes.

BOO! Ere Cop A Load of This: 1992

Atila The Stockbroker / Mountaineering In Belgium
Shoulders - Charm
The Tender Trap - Oh Marie
The Tansads - Music Down
The Levellers - Carry Me
Resque - She Drives My Train
Bleach - Shotgun
The New Cranes - Turpentine
Shoulders - On Sunday
Stranglmartin - Polishing Your Hate
The Tansads - Eye Of The Average
The Tender Trap - The Love Comes Through
Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction - Trash Madonna
The Newcranes - Natures Love

A compilation of tracks from artists signed to Musidisc. Fabulous sleeve notes.

Transatlantic Records Sampler: 1994

She's the One I Adore - Energy Orchard
Coming Through - Energy Orchard
Dear Jane - The Dear Janes
My Guilty Hand - The Dear Janes
Another Irish Rover - Four Men and a Dog
McFadden's Reels - Four Men and a Dog
Iron Man - The Tansads
Zig Zag - The Tansads

Limited edition sampler cd of bands signed to the Transatlantic Label. 5,000 copies were pressed with many given away at the gig to relaunch the label.


Energy Orchard - Surrender To Your City
Kite (7) - Tom
Somewhere Over England - I Can't Do Anything
Strangelove - Chances
Unation - Once In A While
Andy Davis - Baby Good For You
Tansads, The - She's Not Gone
Dear Janes, The - Dear Jane
Blue Aeroplanes, The - Daughter Movie
Stranglers, The - Leave It To The Dogs
Kevin Brown (11) - That's Life
Korgis, The - One Life
Clive Waite - Moon River
Peter Hammill - Your Tall Ship
Julian Cope - Highway Blues [Original Demo]
Innes Sibun - Promises
Velocity Kendall - If Only
Wishing Storm - Stormtown

Compilation CD released by The Big Issue South West to support and publicise the newspaper. Does anyone out there have a copy so that we can get a better quality scan?

Tansads Connected

Introducing... Northern Sounds: 2000

Bushack: the sweet smell of success
Laura Folin: don't let me go
Cava: sweet life
Bennett 4: groove 1
The Hazy Shades: first sight
Strange Weather: soundproof
The Fade: time
Skeleton Crew: walking in my sleep
Laura Folin: interview with a vamp
Bushack: the gardener of eden
e: live for the weekend
Skeleton Crew: mother earth
Strange Weather: flying (recorded in session for BBC Radio Lancs)
Bennett 4: angel
The Hazy Shades: everyday faces
Cava: simple

Compilation cd. Both Laura Folin tracks above were written by and feature John.
Interview With a Vamp also exisits as an unreleased Tansads song. As a very tenuous Tansads link, Bushack feature Sean Timony on bass. Sean was also a member of John's pre Tansads band - The Volunteers.

Alternate Tunings

Deeproller - Reason To Be

Compilation CD issued by Wigan Musicians Collective. Limited edition of 200. Features Reason To Be by Deeproller - one of John's later projects. Laura Folin is also the vocalist on this track.